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Weakness might be approaching, that makes it difficult for your Pooch to get up.

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 Beloved Pooch getting older?  How to Help

                   Repelling Fleas & Odours

Doggie Beds and Cushions filled with Cedar will solve your problem.

You can make them or buy them.

If you make them obviously the cost will be very low, plus you can personalize them and use whatever color you wish to suit your precious Pet and no doubt you will be very happy knowing you have made your Pooches life very comfortable and flea and odour free.

If you are buying your Pooches bed  or/and cushions you will have a choice of different colors also and different sizes.

You can have various beds and cushions and sleeping pooch mats throughout your home and outside. This actually will leave your home smelling beautifully fresh and clean. 

Some manufacturers add foam with the Cedar to make it more comfortable which is a good idea if you are making them yourself as well. Anything to make them comfortable.

So basically buy or make your Pooches bed or cushion cover/s and fill them with

Cedar wood fill, this can be in the form of Cedar shavings or Cedar chips or Cedar coils.

These can be slightly to very uncomfortable for Pooch so using the foam in whatever way suits you makes for a much more comfortable place to sleep.

Flea free and smelling fresh!  You can of course use Cedar oil if you so wish.

Dog Beds and Cushions - Repelling Fleas and Odours



Just a few ideas of the many items online to help your 'getting older' Pooch to retain a quality of life that he/she is happy with. There is something to help,  it is just a matter of finding it. Some items mentioned can be purely as an interim device to help with recovery after leaving hospital, or an item that can be used over a long period to make your Best Friend happy again.

( No payment involved at all in mentioning the businesses below, in this article ) They are a sample of shops online that stock the product or products  that you might be are looking for. Hope you and Pooch find something to make life easier right now.



                                           All Dog Boots -

                                              Has an amazing array of Dog Boots for every situation.

From small to large Dogs, very large Dogs, for every season, Summer, Winter, Fall or Spring and prices that give you and your precious Pooch value for money.

This Bootie online Site offers: Orthopedic Booties and Non-Slip Booties. Protective Booties and  Booties for Healing Wounds. Reflective and Disposable Booties and should you just want High Fashion, Booties are also offered in that range as well.

The non-slip Bootie has non skid soles ( positive reinforcement by the way of treats can help with these Booties at first  to get used to walking in them))  This Bootie is a lighter weight Bootie, with the mesh material being of a lighter weight and the anti-slide sole is less heavy than Ruffwear which has treads. Every Bootie has a purpose and can also make a tremendous difference to your Dog's confidence.

The site provides help on how to measure your dog for booties, which is of the utmost importance to ensure the correct fit.

A very interesting online site.

                                                                               Orvis -

                                         Orvis provides accessories for aging dogs to enable

                                      your Pooch to continue to live a life of  ongoing quality.

In the ' Travelling with Dogs' section you will find superlight Pet Ramps $159 - 209 ( at time of writing 07/10/14 ) and also Pet Half Ramps $89.00. Tru-Fit Smart Harness  that attaches to your car in the back seat/rear for safety.  A TwiStep Vehicle Step that attaches to the rear of your car to enable your pooch to exit without problems.  There is also a Sky Box Booster Seat for small Dogs that want to look out of the car window.  Which is great, having a dog in the car and they cannot see out of the window is very frustrating for both Owner and Pooch.

There are Water Resistant Hose off Seat Hammocks and Deluxe Microfiber Hammocks Seat Protectors

Staying on the same site and  going to the  'Dogs in the House' section, you will find a vast array of protectors and covers, beds, and mats and Dog doors and Steps and also a Pet Monitor Camera S199.99.

For protecting the furniture there are Grip Tight Furniture Protectors, Reversable Dog-Proof Throws and Super Soft Fleece Throws, as well as Quilted Coverlets and Shams. Dog Doors and Doggy Door Mats and Lightweight Portable Steps and a FURminator Shedding Tool and of course Dog Rocks!!

                                                            Dog Quality  -  

A good looking Dog Stroller for your Pooch to keep cool and free of insects and very comfortable. There is the Stroller or 'Dogger'as it is called, and there is also the Guardian Gear Roadster Dog Stroller in Navy.

There can be extras such as  the Drink Holder or the Dogger Safety Lights or the Dogger Pad and of course should you need a Dogger Inner Tube they are $5.95 each.

                               Handicapped Pets -  

                             This online site provides incredible devices to make your Pet's

                          Life a lot happier. They supply products and services and support

                                                               for Special Needs Pets.

This site provides Mobility or Safety aids when travelling.  For the injured or between surgeries or rehabilitation or disabled Pets a vast array of products to help your Pooch, such as help with Incontinence, Arthritis and Paralysis. It provides Diapers, Drag bags, Stretchers, Slings and Dog Wheelchairs, Stay Dry Pet Beds and also Dog Lift Harnesses and Dog Lift Slings.

Can also provide Dog/Cat Leg Splints and Kp Orthotic Braces and for BLIND DOGS the Muffin's Halo. A new device for newly blind dogs to adjust to the life change. Lots of information of course is provided for each product so you know exactly what you are doing.

Assistance steps can be for Arthritic dogs or Senior dogs making it easier to climb in or out of your vehicle or onto the furniture at bedtime or relaxing time  without straining their back.

Carpet Grips for slippery floors, tile or wood.

Harnesses with Grip Handles to lift the front and/or rear end

 Slings can be used for Dogs that cannot tolerate a Harness. (Check before you buy whether your Pet prefers a  Sling or Harness)

The Quick Lift provides assistance with walking. to go up or down stairs and into and out of the car and general help around the house and also accessing outside space.. Made from soft suede leather, reinforced on the outside with adjustable straps to suit the owner's height.

Plus much, much more.

These are only a few ideas and products but it can give you an idea of what is out there and new thing's are coming up all the time.

                                                                 Wishing you well with your discoveries!.