The Garma Festival itself is designed to bring together and discuss the preserving of the Culture and  and all Traditions of all Aboriginal peoples to talk and discuss the knowledge that will preserve their peoples and culture for the future, just how they have already survived for thousands of years, where other cultures have not.

This Garma Event is held on ceremonial ground of deep importance.

Other events held at this largest and most important Festival of the Indigenous People of Arnhem Land and the surrounding areas include:

Traditional Ceremonial Dance in full paint

Traditional Crafts including Spear making

Collecting Bush medicine

Visual Art Displays

Ancient Storytelling

Health/Healing Workshops

Hip-hop Workshop    and much, much more..........

Accommodation includes Wilderness Lodges such as the:

Walkabout Lodge 

The Banubanu Wilderness Retreat

The Arnhemland Barramundi Nature Lodge

Safaris are available from:

Venture North Australia

and the well sought after:

Davidson's Arnhemland Safaris

Guided Tours check out

Arnhem Land - Annual Festival

Thorny Devil Lizard

​​​                                                             The vast conservation wilderness of Arnhem Land lies to the East of the Top End of the                                                                                      Northern Territory in Australia. 

                                                                             This sacred Aboriginal Reserve covers the borders  of the Gulf of Carpentaria,

                                                                                  Kakadu National Park  and the Arafura Sea. 

                                                                                     The Northern Territory makes up one sixth of the Australian Continent and

                                                                                               is the size in area of Spain and Italy and France  combined.  An incredible,                                                                                                                 rugged and beautiful wild country of spectacular scenery.  Gorges,  rivers                                                                                                                    and escarpments that are awe inspiring.

 Owned by the Yolngu people whose culture originated in Arnhem Land has remained this way for thousands of years, with evidence of settlements dating back 50,000 years.

Varied Aboriginal cultures such as the Arrernet and the Warlpiri and the Pitjantatjara live around the Red Centre,  home of Uluru otherwise known as Ayers Rock, the World's largest exposed rock formation along with the Olgas and the Kata Tjuta rock formations, both to be around 500 million years old.  In 1788 during the first settlement of the British in Australia, almost 250 languages were spoken by the then Aborigines. Now it is believed that as many as 80 languages have survived and  are still in use.

 To protect the heritage, visits are highly regulated. Non Indigenous people must apply for a permit and a specific reason must be given for wanting to visit.  Protecting its heritage is vital to conserving the burial grounds, the rock art and the ceremonial ground that belong only to the Indigenous peoples of Arnhem Land and are not available for viewing by the outside world.  

Permits can be obtained from the Northern Land Council Office in Jabiru in Kakadu National Park.

Permits for Coburg Peninsular can be obtained by phoning ( 08 ) 8999 4555 . Administration Office.

                                                                                        or  phone ( 08 ) 8979 0244,  Ranger's Station.

Another permit you will need is for when you are travelling from Katherine through Arnhem Land

to Nhulunbuy which can be obtained through phoning ( 08 ) 8987 2255.

If you wish to fly in and  then use a hire car a permit can be obtained from the local Land Council.

Helicopter flights and fixed wing flights are also available just enquire at the above numbers.

For Tours contact: Davidson's Arnhemland Safaris

       Mt. Borradaile, Arnhemland

Phone - ( 08 ) 8979 0413

Email -

It is very advisable to travel with an organized Tour Company that has

the necessary permits to enter this vast wilderness of Arnhem Land.

Arnhem Land is home to a beautiful and wide range of fascinating wildlife.

Crocodiles are in abundance, freshwater and saltwater ( Salties )  and snakes and buffalo and many more varied species. See

beautiful eagles flying high above or the bats or the frogs and toads including the unfortunate looking cane toad  that will kill any predator that tries to eat him and will produce a burning sensation on a humans face and hands should you happen to come in contact with them. Cane toads are an ongoing threat to Australia's eco system. 

                                                                                                                             Arnhem Land is the birthplace of the Didgeridoo, the                                                                                                                                             musical  instrument of the Aboriginal people. Art and                                                                                                                                             hunting have been part of the  Aboriginal culture                                                                                                                                                   throughout time, with a variety of surfaces to show their

                                                                                                                              skill on, such as the famous rock art paintings that exist,

                                                                                                                              also shells are used as a surface to paint on.


​                 It is strongly recommended to travel within Arnhem Land with special organized tours.  These tours  already                                          have permission to enter this sacred land. Varying and changing  weather patterns  exist plus  the wet season

                 where many roads are closed can be dangerous.  Beautiful birds and creatures of colour can be distracting                                          when  dangerous saltwater crocodiles, snakes and buffalo are going about their daily lives.                                                            

Arnhem Land  Northern Territory  Australia

   Arnhem Land 

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​​Travel Arrangements:                                   Check Weather and Maps

Daily Flights connect NHulunbuy with Cairns and Darwin

Arnhem Land can be accessed by 4WD along the Arnhem Road, which connects to the Stuart Highway 

You can access Jabiru from Darwin by way of the Arnhem Highway.

Access from the South is via the Kakadu Highway.


To visit Arnhem Land you will require a permit to enter the Aboriginal owned Reserve. Permits can be obtained from the Northern Land Council website.

Permits must be applied for at least 10 days in advance. 

Organized Tours are available where the Operator already has permission to enter Arnhem Land, this Aboriginal Owned Reserve.

Visitor Information Centres, Arnhem Land     

​Check weather conditions.

See Below, Article 2

Festivals of Arnhem Land

G' Day !

​​​Matthew Flinders named Arnhem Land during the early 1800,s. Katherine and Darwin were included in the area known as Arnhem Land then. 

This famous man Matthew Flinders during that time was Circumnavigating Australia and for his own reasons named Arnhem land after a vessel belonging to the Dutch East India Company. Another vessel named the Pera was thrown off course and touched and mapped the land that is now known as the Gove Peninsular in 1623. So Arnhem Land retained its European name by the non Aboriginal people of Australia


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Saltwater Crocodile

Rock Art x-Ray Painting

                                                                    Arnhem Land - Annual Festival

       The Garma Festival of Traditional Culture

                Wedge Tailed Eagle

   The Cane Toad