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Ragdolls are friendly with everyone, children and adults and cats and dogs and just  relax themselves into the Family lifestyle.  

They are indoor cats and not really active enough to be outside.

They are extremely relaxed and docile and can be trained very easily.

This unusual cat can do tricks, one of their tricks is to 'play dead' lift him/her up and your Ragdoll will just go limp all over!

Can be trained to do other tricks and make the children laugh and smile and be very entertaining for children and adults alike.

A very adorable member of the Family.

         Ragdoll Kittens

Finding Your Forever Cat


​​​​This cat loves cuddles and therefore an ideal cat for your children. A very friendly and loving and docile Pet to have around your Family, this is rather an awe inspiring breed being an intelligent and affectionate cat as well as gentle. They make wonderful companions to a Family that adores her.

Not one for great exercise so if your children want an active cat maybe this lovely creature would not suit.

The Birman is a cross between a Persian and a Siamese Cat and has a beautiful coat that will need grooming often.

Abyssinian Cat

     Here are just a few more of the Popular Breeds that you have a choice of, to choose your Family's Forever Cat.

The Sphynx

                                                                              The Sphynx

These amazing looking cats are special. Therefore needs special people to care for them and appreciate everything they have to offer, they have their intelligence, a  beautiful temperament  and are totally adorable.

With this package they are of course totally compatible with children and other pets.

As well as looking different its mannerisms are also different, such as wagging it's tail like a dog, and when you are around they will follow you around and wag their tail. They are beautifully devoted to their Family unit.

Other unusual antics they get up to is to hang off doorways or the top of shelves and imitate the playtime performances of monkeys and they have a sense of fun like a child.

Their skin surprisingly, to the touch feels like warm suede. The skin looks hairless but it actually has a covering of fine down and the wrinkles that you see are the same amount of wrinkles on all cats, all other cats though have hair to cover their wrinkles.

The Sphynx does need grooming, a different kind of grooming! They must be bathed to get rid of unwanted oil residue on the skin. This oil is naturally on all cats it is just that the oil on other cats is absorbed by their hair, the Sphynx though does not have the hair to collect the oil so it must be washed off their skin, if the oil is not washed off it can cause skin problems.

Special Cats, Special Owners.



 ​​ British Shorthair

The British Shorthair  is very friendly and playful with a great personality, although not for high energy children.

These beautiful cats are not high maintenance and are not likely to produce allergic reactions and are easy to care for. 

They are a great Family Pet and becomes, very easily part of the Family.

 Preventing Your Cat from

                       Digging up the Pot Plants/Garden Plants

Something to try if your Plants are being dug up or chewed on. Place crumpled up aluminium foil and rocks into or around your plants. Also sprinkle hot sauce on some of the leaves to prevent your cat from chewing them


                   Toys for Your Cat

​Cats love Tunnels, anything that can be made into a Tunnel, anything that is completely safe for your new family member, they would love. To hide in, to pounce out of, to sleep in, try it!

How about cardboard boxes, you can cut a small doorway into the side for them, when they have finished squeezing themselves inside.

You can make 'a Fishing Rod' toy with a stick and a piece of string tied to the end of the stick. Then tie a toy to the end of the string, easy - perfect toy - for playing with your new Family member and you don't even have to move off the couch!

There is the 'foil Mouse' take some aluminium foil and mould it into a small ball with a silver tail protruding from the ball, giving your cat it's unusual mouse.

Introducing Your New Cat to the Resident Dog

Place your new kitten/cat in  a safe area with food and bed and toys. In an area next door it is okay to let the dog and cat adjust to each other's smell under the door.

Just make sure the cat feels safe at all times, and has visits from the family frequently.

After  1 or 2 days open the door between them but place a barrier across the door area so they can see each other but cannot touch each other,

( unless of course you have chosen a very confident cat! ) This way they will get used to each other and the cat will get used to it's new surroundings, the smells the sounds and the family.

Dog's can be curious creatures so it is a good idea to keep your dog on a leash during this ' getting to know each other' few day's. You do not want the dog chasing the cat or the cat poking its claws at the dog's face.

Rewards all during this period is good and letting them know they are good.

If this caution is not taken at the beginning and the cat and dog fight and the cat is frightened, it might take a very long time to correct. With the cat taking off, the dog taking off, someone getting scratched, barking and so on. A lot longer to correct than taking the time, which might seem slow, for them to gradually accept each other.

They then can respect each other's right to live in the household and even better to become the best of friends, which is a great sight to see.

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                                Scottish Fold Cat

                                                                     The Scottish Fold Breed is a great                                                                          Family Cat, gets on very well with                                                                          other animals and children, likes to                                                                      have  your company and your                                                                                caring and affection.

                                                                    When the Scottish Fold kittens are                                                                         born they have straight ears, in                                                                             other words normal ears, it takes up                                                                     to 3 to 4 weeks before the fold in                                                                           the ears appears.

                                                                    It does not always appear so your                                                                         kitten then remains with straight                                                                           ears.  However the 'straight ears'                                                                           are still of great importance when                                                                          it comes to breeding.                  


Check out ' Island of Cats ' in the Travel & Excitement section.  

 Have you seen these before? They are amazing!    


                 ​​ PERSIAN CAT       

Persians can be a mixture of colours, from white to solid black to mixtures of brown and white around the facial area.  

They are very friendly and are very happy to play with other cats and enjoy human company. They love to be loved once they are over their initial wariness they can be as affectionate and loving as you could ever wish them to be.

These beautiful creatures though, can be prone to health problems such as allergies.

Lovable with a beautiful long shiny coat they are ideal for a Family that does not want a high energy family member and are quite happy to have an indoor cat. Their coat needs grooming every day to avoid their coat getting matted and tangled.

Cat pushing his luck!

Introducing Your Children to Your New Cat

Let your new family member and your children get to know each other gradually. No doubt they love the idea of having a new cat in the household  it is very important to let the children know that the cat is not a toy and always to be gentle and respectful to your new addition and to not tease or shout or pull their tail. Valuable lessons for your children to take into adulthood, the precious friendship of an animal and how they can make you laugh and giggle at the antics they can get up to.

                                                                    Your Forever Cat's Body Language

   Your cat in a good mood!


Your friendly cat when receptive to affection will have his/her ears up and slightly forward and their tail straight up in the air or slightly curled. This also applies when meeting another cat.

When your forever cat kneads or continually paws you, ( usually your tummy, and mind the nails!) they are a very happy cat.

Also when they roll over exposing their tummy with their paws in the air so you can rub their tummy they are also indicating contentment and that they are feeling relaxed and safe.  

   Your cat in a bad mood!

Their stance and body language is very obvious and when they are unsure and/or frightened they arch their back with their fur bristling and standing on end and their tail puffs up and also bristles. Quite an alarming vision, not only to humans but to other animals which of course it is meant to do.

Your cat's ears when pinned back against it's head or pulled back against it's head this is a sign of fear or stress.

When your cat's tail is lashing swiftly back and forth this is an act of anger and aggression and should be well left alone by humans. Just a safety precaution because you could mistakenly receive a scratch. Just as it is better to leave you alone when you are angry! 

  Your curious cat!

 When your cat is watching something, about to pounce or play it will twitch its tail back and forth while it is thinking what to do with that leaf flying in the wind. Sometimes it can be an aggressive action as when it is getting ready to pounce on some live insect or lizard.

Cat's talk in their own language without even making a sound, letting you know how it is feeling!


     The Maine Coon


                                                 Siamese Cat

              Choosing Your Forever Cat


The Maine coon is a perfect addition to your Family, extremely loyal to their families with a wonderful personality

They love to play outside with active children of all ages, they have huge personalities that will match their size, for they can grow up to a weight of around 12lbs

(  5.4kgs   )

Because  of their longer hair brushing around three times a week would be needed.

This beautiful, playful cat loves to be outside playing with the older energy filled children. This is the clown of the cat breeds,  agile and slender, affectionate and intelligent and once accepted into the family will be a completely loyal and devoted addition.

With regal, muscular bodies, the Abyssinian  does like attention and can get quite miffed if he/she is not getting any. In fact can get lonely if left for long periods by themselves.

Of course if there were 2 Abyssinians that would go a long way to solving that problem.

The Abyssinian is not a young child's cat, they are more suited to the older children and adults and are best brought into the Family home when they are a kitten.

They also get on very well with Dogs.

Getting just a bit too Friendly here!

It's up there


 Cat Acting Strange!

                       Australian - English

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When finding Your Forever Cat keep in mind that whatever breed they are, each cat has a distinct individual unique personality. Cats are independent creatures and have an air of aloofness about them.

Indoor cats might be shy and timid and  need a safe and loving enviroment to take refuge in or they might take a while to adjust to any changes in the household or even a new address.

Outdoor and more outgoing cats are more adaptable to change and have bold, confident personalities, ready to take on the world! Which type of cat would be suited to your Family? 

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                                 'Flathead'  time again


   Cat Toys

Corks from used wine bottles make good toys for your cat.   

These beautiful creatures make great family pets perfect with adults and children. to begin with they could be a little shy, but once that is overcome they will fit into your household and family beautifully.

Your family is less likely to have an allergic reaction with this breed of cat.

Siamese cats do like a lot of affection, to be treated with respect and patience and do not like to be left alone for long periods at a time. They will pine and fret if alone for a long length of time.

Low activity level, makes for a good first pet for children.

Not high maintenance in the grooming section but regular brushing is a good idea

Birman Cat

There are all types of personalities and characteristics that might appeal to you.

All cats have distinct personalities ones that make you laugh, ones that continually surprise with their antics, with their intelligence, ones that are active or cats that are not active.

Cats that eat a lot, cats that are very finicky with their food, others that like other pets and others that prefer to be left alone, all are very different and the list goes on, but one will stand out from all the rest.

First decision - Do you have children or plan to have children? Would you prefer a

short - haired cat or a  long - haired cat -or a curly haired cat or a cat that looks like it has no hair? Would you care for an active, independent, outgoing cat or a loveable,  lap friendly cat?

Would you want an outside cat ( occasional kitty litter ) or an inside cat ( definite kitty litter )? Would you like to groom your cat or would you prefer to be free from grooming? Will your cat be friendly with other pet's or will your cat be the sole pet in your household?  Very important, ​will your cat be left alone for long periods at a time or only short periods?  some cats do not like to be left alone all day, because they will pine and fret.