See Below for More Tips using Salt for Washing, Health Garden and Cooking.



      Cooking - Other uses for salt

1. Descaling fish?

                    For the scales to be easily removed, soak the fish in salt water prior to                       descaling.

2.  Salt shaker getting clogged up?

                     Add some grains of rice to your salt shaker.

3.  Wilting green Salads?

                    To prevent wilting green salads sprinkle salt over the salads.

4. Flapjacks sticking to your pancake griddle?

                     Rub salt on to the griddle to prevent sticking.

5. Want fluffier egg whites?

                      Using a tiny pinch of salt in the egg whites prior to beating                                             them results in fluffier egg whites.

6.  Soups and stews too salty?

                       Add raw potatoes.

7.  Need your milk to stay fresher longer?

                        Add a little salt.

8.  More tea taste?

                         A dash of salt enhances the taste of tea. 

9.  Want to improve the flavor of your Cocoa or Coffee?

                          Add a pinch of Salt.

10. Boiling cracked eggs?

                           Add a little salt to the boiling water to keep the eggs in a cracked                                shell.

11.Do not know if your eggs are fresh enough?

                            Place egg in a cup of salt water, if it sinks it is FRESH, if it floats it is                              BAD.

12. Cooking in a double boiler?

                            Add a little salt to the water to make the food cook faster.

13. A more relaxing milk beverage?

                             Add a little salt.

14. Removal of dirt when washing your green vegetables,

                              Add salt to the rinsing water for better removal of dirt.

15. Need Gelatin to set more quickly?

                               Add a dash of salt.

​16. Nuts breaking when trying to open them?

                               Soak the nuts overnight in salt brine. Tap the end of the nut with                                a hammer and the nut will come out whole.



Salt tips for your Garden



1.  Weeds growing in your lawn?

                         Cover the weeds with salt.

2.  Grass growing between bricks?

                              Cover the grass with salt to get rid of the unwanted grass.

3.  Want your cut flowers to last longer?

           Add a little salt to the water in your vase for your flowers to last longer.

                 Health Remedies Using Salt

1. Want longer lasting toothbrushes?

                                                       If you want longer lasting toothbrushes, soak new toothbrushes in salt                                                                  water before using them.

2. Sore throat?

                       Use mild salty water as a mouthwash and gargle.

3. Polish your teeth?

                        Sprinkle salt onto your toothbrush and polish your teeth.

4. Ran out of toothpaste?

                         Use half and half salt and soda to brush your teeth.

           Washing Tips Using Salt

1.  Too many suds?  

                                      Sprinkle salt on the suds.

2.  Fabric colors running?

                                       To wash colored fabrics wash in salty water.

3.  Fabric stained with wine?

                                         Cover the wine stain with salt. Later rinse in cool water.

4.  Grease stains on clothing?

                                           Remove  by soaking in 1 part salt and 4 parts alcohol.

5.  Stained Hankies?

                                        Soak stained hankies in salty water before washing.

6.  Washing being frozen on washing line?

                                         Soak the line itself to prevent your washing freezing to the line.

7. Washing being frozen?

                                           Add salt to your final rinse.

8. Want to match your stockings?

                                         Odd stockings can be matched in color by boiling the stocking together in salty water.


  Cleaning Tips Using Salt


1.   Mildew?        

                     Use a mixture of salt and  lemon Juice on a damp cloth and rub to remove it.

2.   Grubby Iron?    

                                   Use a damp cloth with a decent amount of salt to clean the surface of your iron

3    Wicker Furniture?     

                                          To prevent the wicker furniture from yellowing rub with salt water.

4    Discolored coffee pot?  

                                           Use salt to restore your coffee pot and remove those old stains.

5    Carpet stained with ink?

                                                Pour salt over the ink stain and wait for the salt to soak up the stain. 

6    Need to clean your brass, copper and pewter? 

                                                                               Mix salt and vinegar to a paste then thicken the paste

                    with flour then apply on a cloth to clean each item.

 7.   Got ants?

                      Sprinkle salt on your shelves to keep the ants away.


8.   Piano keys need a clean?

                                                  Mix salt and lemon juice  and cloth to clean your piano keys.


9.   New Glasses?   Before you put them away soak them in warm salty water for a little time.

10.  Burned on stains on the bottom of your enamel pans?  

                                                    Soak the pan/s in salty water all night  and then boil water with

                                                                   salt in the pan until the burned on stains start to come clean.


11. Oven need cleaning?

                                             Sprinkle salt in your oven before scrubbing


12. Greasy Pans?  

                                     Clean greasy pans with a paper towel and salt.


13. Burn the milk?    

                                           Sprinkle salt in the burned saucepan to remove odour.


14  Need a nice smelling stove?  

                                                  Mix salt and cinnamon together, put in stove.            

15  Drainpipe odours?   

                                        Remove drainpipe odours with very strong solution of salt and hot water.




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