Look Good Feel Better

                                                                 Look Good, Feel Better.


                               This wonderful FREE program helps enormously

for Ladies and Men that are dealing with cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation.


  These Workshops are Worldwide to help Ladies/Men look their very best during this terrible time. Free Workshops include wigs and hair coverings ( not everyone loses their hair, some lose none ) however for those that do have a change in their hair, wigs and turbens and any hair covering is provided to help bring out a smile.

Keeping in mind a positive attitude during this time is essential for body and mind. The LGFB program can work wonders. To look like a woman again, goes a long way to making you feel  like a woman again.

With the hair comes hair accessories and skincare and step by step makeup, along with nailcare and also how to care for your products.

LGFB - Look Good Feel Better programs are held in 24 Countries throughout the World. Each International  program  is a licensed independant affiliate and share the same name and mission.

 There are 20,400 volunteers worldwide that have helped more than one million women since 1989. There are 59 locations in the UK alone in hospitals and Cancer Care Centers.

This is a highly unpredictable, autoimmune skin disease  resulting in the loss of hair on the scalp and elsewhere on the body.  At present there is no known cause.

If you have Alopecia areata and need assistance contact Melanie Bill  (Australia only)

 02 9819 1003 or go to the website of Charlotte:


                         and download an application form.

At the same time look at all those beautiful smiling faces of hope shining out of the pictures on Charlotte's website, all natural smiles, can only smile like that when there is hope and Princess Charlotte and her website seem to provide that.

I saw Charlotte one morning appearing on a morning show with her Father, and I was so impressed with her bravery and attitude and outlook that Charlotte had towards life.

Amazing young Lady, seems to have a Father that is amazing also!

       Contacts:      Global Alopecia Mission

                              Michelle Chapman - Worldwide Ambassador

                              National Alopecia Areata Foundation




Alopecia areata

  Once you choose hope,

                               anything's possible

                      Christopher Reeve -


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Help Fred's Dream Live On

       The Fred Hollows Foundation

  2013 Australian Charity Of The Year 

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FRED HOLLOWS for Family And Lifestyle information on Alopecia Areata, LGFB Look Good Feel Better, helping Cancer Patients improve their Self Esteem and the Fred Hollows Eye Doctor, 2013 Australian Charity 0f the Year.

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Fred Hollows Eye Dr./Alopecia Areata

​       LGFB  Look Good Feel Better


Fred Hollows - The Eye Doctor. Such a unique man, a man that saved the eyesight of Australians

and people Worldwide - in their thousands. According to sources, Fred, through his 'initiatives',

instigated the saving of the sight of more than one million people.

Fred was born a New Zealander on 9th April 1929 in Dunedin, he died so young at the age of 63 on February 10th 1993 at Randwick in Sydney.

He became an Australian Citizen in 1989, one more year later he was named Australian of the Year. One more year later in 1991 he was awarded the Companion of the Order of Australia. Untold awards have been awarded to Fred Hollows from all over the World.

To the people he has restored sight to all over the World,  Fred can never be repaid for the lives that have been restored except maybe for more people to have their sight restored  to,  humans that would have never had a chance of ever seeing again, if it wasn't for such an incredible Human Being as Fred Hollows.

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