Ribbon Dancing

Most Children love to dance, so you can just turn on some happy music, give each child a different colour ribbon , they can form a circle and they can dance around and around waving their ribbons in the air, swirling around and around.

Craft Time:

There are a variety of simple craft thing's that can be made and taken home or given to the Birthday Child.

Fun Games to Play


You can have a theme for your Party, you do not have to spend much or do not spend anything at all, just use your imagination with scarves and hats, old but nice clothes or even face painting.

You can have a Lord of the Rings theme, Pirate theme, Cinderella, Princesses or Donald Duck or Superman.

The Hulk or a Fairy Party or a Cowboy Party..................

Guess the Animal:

Parents can join in this one. Everyone forms a circle. First child or Adult picks a piece of paper out of a box with the name of an animal on it. An Adult who is in charge of the box can whisper to the child guests what the animal is and give them ideas on what the animal does and look like, then the child imitates the animal and the other guests try to guess what the animal is.

The one that guesses the correct answer then takes the next turn.

 Fun Toddler Parties

Making Your Sock Puppet

These are so funny and will make the children laugh and giggle.

Make a Stage first so it is all ready for the Sock Puppets to put on a Play.

Depending on how much time you wish to spend on making it, you can use lots of colour and imagination.

Use a colourful Sock and with a glue gun attach hair, use whatever you wish, wool, yarn, cut up tiny pieces of cloth, use the top of a carrot ( this of course will only last one day!)  You can also give the sock a moustache made from the same material.

Find something suitable to make eyes and glue those on your sock and there you are. It is surprising just how funny Sock Puppets can look!

You can make your sock look like one of your child's favourite cartoons. You can have a theme for the play as well similar to a cartoon series.

So  when  your Puppets are all dry you can go ahead and have a Sock Puppet Show.( Whilst waiting for your Socks to dry everyone could have lunch ) 

You can supply aprons and coverings if you wish or ask the parents just to bring some of their child's old clothes with them to change into.

Please Note:

You might like to check with all the Parents of the Guests to see if any Child has an allergy or needs gluten free food. This is very important as you already know.

Parents might want to bring their camera as well providing photos along with your beautiful pics!     


Party Snacks that Children Love


Food Snacks such as:

Chocolate Dips with paddle pop sticks of fresh fruit such as Strawberries Yum!

         You can have a mixture of white and milk chocolate that can be purchased from the supermarket and heated in the microwave.

A Fresh Fruit Platter with all fresh fruit cut into different shapes.

Strawberry and Marshmallow on plastic sticks with a Strawberry Yoghurt

Fresh Fruit with Apple Jelly

Banana Cupcakes with topping of reduced fat Cream Cheese and Fresh Fruit

Finger Sandwiches containing lettuce and cheese, sandwiches all cut into different shapes

Can have Different Fillings including chicken, cream cheese.

Finger Painting:

Apron's needed again and old clothes.

Just buy some water soluble paint and find something very suitable to put the various colours in so that the children can just dip their fingers in the paint and draw on the thickish paper that is in front of them.

Something else that can have a theme. You can suggest to the children that they paint their dog or their cat or their Mum and Dad, Sibling's or paint their Home. Probably not a good idea!!!!!



All Worn Out!!!  Night Night!!!

Suitable times for Your Toddler Party

Most Toddlers have a nap during the afternoon, so holding your Party during the morning hours would be a good time. 2 hours would be an adequate amount of your Party before Guests begin to tire.

The hours between 9am until 11am

                             or  10am until 12pm

                             or  11am until 1pm  

This allows everyone to have a fun time and then be ready for an afternoon nap time when they arrive home!

If you do not wish to include lunch at the party, a 11am timeslot would be good so that the party finishes at 1pm and the guests can go home and it still allows enough time for them to have lunch and then have their nap.

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                          Parties for toddlers and parties for older children are quite different.

                             Toddlers are still in many ways in baby mode and ​they can put themselves

                       in difficult situations very quickly and large numbers of toddlers would

                       be difficult to keep track of.

                         Guests for Your Toddler Party

                               Keeping the number of guests low helps to keep the party safe.       Large numbers                          Toddlers can easily get out of hand and they can be so

                       quick to get into mischief.


                           Maybe just 6 to 8 guests, { 6 if it is your first party } 

                      Having the parents or parent stay for each child keeps stress levels at a

                      manageable level and helps to keep the guest toddlers safe and happy.

                         Knowing your Guest toddlers are safe and happy and having a good time

                       gives you a chance to spend time with the parents of your guests and enjoy

                         yourself knowing at the same time, many eyes including yours are                                                                  constantly monitoring the party. 

Healthy Drinks such as:

Refreshing Slushies made by blending Watermelon or Mango over Ice

Have a Creamy Smoothie with fresh Banana and Honey and blended together


 Blend Fresh Berries, Bananas or Mango and reduced fat milk or flavoured Yoghurt for 

another Wonderful Creamy Smoothie.

                            OR  !!

 Mango and/or Berry Popsicles.


           Puree the Mango and or Berries depending if you wish to make one kind or two of differing colours.

           Place the puree into an ice block container or paddle pop mould and freeze for 1 hour.

           Take out, place the paddle pop stick into the centre of the mould and place back in the freezer for another 3 to 4 hours or overnight!