Gifts for Dogs

Portable Water Dishes for travelling, it makes it easier to drink especially 

for older dogs.Another gift for the travelling Dog is the booster seat that helps your Pet see out of the Window (hopefully) would be so annoying not to see!! They can enjoy the scenery and travel a lot more interesting for your Pet. The booster seat slips over the seat and can be adjustable and very comfortable.

Pet Grooming Sets which can be presented as a set or you can make a 

Pet Gift Basket which could include the Grooming Set, brushes, deoderizer, Razor, can include special dog biscuits play toys and bones and vitamins for dogs or even an outfit for your dog, a coat, sports outfit or dress.

As well as the Travel water bowl another water bowl is adjustable to make it much easier for your Pet Pooch to drink without straining his/her neck also

good for an older dog or a very big or tall dog.

For dogs with hip dysplasia or arthritis, climbing steps for dogs is a good idea.

Good for your Pet to climb into the car with a lot more ease or anywhere that they might have to climb.

Car Gifts

Gifts for His Car, Gifts for Her Car.

Keyrings, Personalized

Seat Covers



Cleaning Box!


Female and Male rings, necklaces, cufflinks and earrings and bracelets/ ankle

bracelets and such a choice. Price is up to you!


Must know the size! Find out their favorite color. Dresses, suits, jeans, tops, tee shirts, jumpers, capri's, jumpsuits, suits, shoes

Accessories are easier, do not need a size. Scarves, all shapes and sizes and 

colors and bags, again all shapes and sizes.

Sports gear, relaxing gear, evening dress, Winter and summer.

Then there are Kimonos, night/evening wear, beautiful and tasteful, personal.

Kitchen Item

Something for the Kitchen maybe, Something to hang on the wall to look at, something to use, to cook with, to store in, A new jar, a new dish, cup or container, an amusing apron, a chef's hat! Teacloths, tablecloths, covering cloths, herb

containers, a new kettle, go look in the

 kitchenwares shop, so many ides that some

 people have not even heard of yet.


Some love collections of certain

items, like Elephants, Antique

ornaments, soft Toys one young

Lady had a penchant for Pigs,

serious pigs, funny pigs, large or

small pigs all dearly loved. Glance

around the room it could be clocks

candlesticks, unusual wall hangings

Ornaments of any shape or size.



Type your paragr

Digital Gifts

Computers -Laptops - Printers - Cameras - Gaming Devices - Phones - Accessories - Scanners - Speakers - Headphones - Software. You can find anything and everything Digital, you just have to know what you are looking for.

Accessories are good, Languages - How to do this or that - Renovate your Home, Magazines on Digital Photography - How to take Photos, Wildlife Photos, Bird photos, Architectural photos, Portraits and so many others

Books on Digital Products and thousands of gifts to be found. Personalized Mouse Pad.


Going Away


Swivel Cushion/s to help getting out of the car

A Reacher for people with arthritis to help retrieve items out of reach.

Leather slippers that have soles and pads that do not slip.

Gel cushions to make life easier and more comfortable for people that sit for long periods at a time to relieve any aches and pains.

Slippers especially made for bringing comfort to aching feet.

Health Devices as Gifts

    Health Help






    Gift Ideas


Pen Gift Pack  Pens are always very personal presents, usually kept

kept by the recipient of the gift, a reminder of the person that gave it to them.

These gifts also can vary in price. If you wish the recipients name can be engraved on the special pen and displayed in a gift box. Can also be displayed in a gift box made by yourself.

Photo Frames & Albums

A Family Album that you have made yourself can be a very special gift for your Parents or Mum and Dad, memories by way of photographs can be displayed by themselves or with dates and text, names of places and people in the photographs.

Special photos can be displayed in large or small frames. So many varieties of frames are available and make a wonderful gift that can be displayed on the wall, on a desk an office desk, on tables and displayed anywhere prominent, for people to see.

Prices can vary from inexpensive upwards and also can be made in your own special materials and colors.

Gift Basketscan be bought or made.  There is such a wide variety to choose from and equally so such a wide range of prices, from $50 to the hundreds of dollars.

There are cheese baskets, wine baskets, flowers, fruit baskets, tea/coffee baskets, mixtures of food and wine and chocolates, fruit baskets, baby baskets christening baskets Christmas baskets, Birthday baskets, going away baskets and anything you can think of. Perfume, body lotion and everything for a female or shaving cream, deoderant and everything for a male or grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, Brothers and Sisters, cousins and Friends.







Giving a gift gives someone special a unique feeling of happiness.. Handmade gifts are personal for the time and thought  given to making them and the receiver should appreciate just how much love went into the making of that gift especially from a Child. 

However in a different sense just as much thought and time can go into the purchase of a gift especially when the giver has worked particularly hard to save for that gift.

          Here are some ideas for someone that needs help with deciding - 

 Gift Ideas for every Occasion

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For Him & Her

  Cologne, Perfume, Body Lotion

doorways, flattering lighting for the garden, Flattering lighting for the lounge, tv room, dining room, bedrooms or hallways, lights to leave on through the night for bathroom trips. Or a simple torch!

Puzzle Lovers

Roll up mats for anyone that

loves puzzles, to be able to

move the unfinished puzzle to

somewhere safe to finish it

another day making space

available again.


New Home


Baby news/contacts on Family And Lifestyle presents Gift Ideas for Anyone at Any Age at Anytime

Lighting for the Home, inside or outside. Security Lighting, lighting for paths or 

Father's Day

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