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Keeping your Home Safe! 

                                           means not only keeping your Home and possession sase but you and your Family, your car and your pets. and yet many people think the security and safety of these items will take care of themselves. Many reasons can be given, one of them being is 'oh this area is very quiet, it is a safe area etc etc. or ' we do not have anything worthwhile stealing'. 'If anyone wanted to get in, they could easily do that' yes quite true, but it is better not to invite them in, not to make it easy for them, not to put a sign out saying 'come and get it!'

Aspects taken into account:

                                           Outside Area

                                            Inside area

                                           Garage and/or outside sheds

                                           Motor Vehicles and motor bikes, childrens bikes

                                           Community Safety

Home Safety & Security Ideas