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                Adventures Under the Sea

Adventures such as  exploring the many and varied Underwater Ruins and shipwrecks or the Masterpieces of Jason de Caires Taylor.

The Museum of Underwater Modern Art in Cancun Mexico, the Undersea Museum holding over 400 Statues of Jason de Caires Taylor's work and built about 10 meters under the sea and designed to attract marine life and the growing of Coral. When viewed from above the Statues appear to form the shape of a Human Eye.

  Based on real people and made from enviromentally friendly clay the Statues depict different aspects of different people going about their lives. To snorkel through this exibition would be totally unreal and so beautiful as in a dream with exotic fish just 'wondering what on earth these people are doing in their home!'

A snorkeling tour is provided by a ride by speedboat to the site and then snorkeling through this most beautiful of Museums and an idea by Jason de Caires Taylor that has provided the World with a most hauntingly and beautiful way of looking at the everyday people living and going about their lives so simply and peacefully in a World out there that is so complex.

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        Jules' Undersea Lodge 

                  Key Largo, in Florida USA

        Home to Jules' Undersea Lodge.

The only underwater fully submerged Hotel in America, opened in Florida in 1986  and is supported by legs,  5 feet  off the bottom of the Emerald Lagoon in Key Largo. 

To wake up in the morning and see this incredible vision of water and beautiful tropical fish just swimming gracefully in front of your eyes, fish and anenomes and reef fish and sponges and everything that so very few people have woken up to. Magical, peaceful, romantic and just absolutely beautiful home to sea horses and angelfish as well as the fascinating Nurse sharks and Barracuda!

This Lodge used to be the La Chalupa Research Laboratory off Puerto Rico established as an undersea marine lab to explore the Continental Shelf in the 1970's.


Two private bedrooms comprising of a double and a single pull down berth, phone and fridge and entertainment system with a stereo and DVD/VCR facilities with a living area and common area,  an en-suite sink is provide in the bedroom but the shower and wash facilities are share at this stage. Jules Undersea Lodge can accommodate up to 6 guests per visit,  Compressed air is used to prevent the water from rising. Each room has a  big 42 inch  round window looking out to a view you will never forget.

The central living space/wet room is the entrance to the Hotel with storage room for your diving gear and a bathroom a small fully stocked kitchen and dining area, should you also wish to partake of a gourmet meal your mer-chef scuba dives down to prepare and serve your gourmet meal, birthday cake, anniversary cake or anything else you wish for, within reason of course!  plus an entertainment center, Any requirements you might need,  Just check to see if it is possible in these most unusual circumstances.

Guests  arrive by scuba diving and  a scuba certificate must be owned to gain access to the front door of the Lodge. The front door actually being 21 feet ( 6 x 4 meters) under water. An unlimited supply of oxygen tanks are supplied by Jules' Undersea Lodge. The underwater living space is filled with compressed air, receiving fresh air, water, power and communication through an umbilical cord that connects to a command center on land. The structure itself really serves as an artificial reef, with marine fish using it as a shelter and nursery for many reef fish and angelfish and parrotfish and barracuda and snappers and featherdust worms and all those large and minute little living things that exist beneath the sea.

The name ( as you have probably guessed ) comes from Jules Verne - Author - of  20,000 Leagues under the Sea.

Neil Monney and Ian Koblick are the two Principal Developers.

Address:  Jules' Undersea Lodge,

                 Key Largo Undersea Lodge,

                51 Shoreland Drive,

                Key Largo, Florida 33037  USA


         Make one or two of your days spectacular!

Sources:   Key Largo Undersea Park





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                       Undersea Adventures 

Are available all over the World.

                                                         Scuba Diving adventures and trips and many with scuba diving instructions can be found in the Florida Keys or the Caribbean or in Mexico along the Mayan Riviera. These are just a few exciting places to explore this beautiful and exotic Undersea World some of them with wrecks of sunken ships and an air of mystery that always surrounds these souls from the past.

If you want something a little larger, Whale watching or swimming with Whales is offered, Humpback Whales. Always  keeping in mind not to upset any creatures, it is thought now to be preferred if the scuba diver lets the Whale approach

them as opposed to the tourist approaching the Whale. Underwater pods are available for Whale watching, a fascinating experience and an opportunity to view these most beautiful creatures in their own surroundings.

Dolphin watching or swimming with Dolphins is very popular, again in the Caribbean and throughout Mexico and for a more adrenalin charged experience, the swim with Sharks experience. These particular diving tours are provided with and require that you swim with  a certified dive guide. Others come with snorkelling lessons or scuba diving instructions to keep every diver in one piece.

 Florida Keys

                  National Marine                                                                      Sanctuary.

Over an area of several miles in shallow areas of reefs are the wrecks of sunken ships, a graveyard of once proud and majestic ships of long ago.

The Marine Sanctuary has 9 sites representing different times of history, European Colonial and American/ Modern and anyone wishing to learn  Maritime History are provided with days and days of exploring all these 9 sites.

 Each site is provided with access to information on the wreck's mooring positions and site map, the history of the actual ship and how now the sunken ship can provide the potential to attract a substantial amount of marine life.

                                           The Manta Room

                                             Pembar Island Zanzibar



Open Now!  The Manta Room, Africa's first Hotel Room underwater at a depth of 13 feet and a rate of $1,500 for 2 persons per night or $900 per night for a single person and capture the most beautiful sights on offer under the sea.

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