The location of the stunning epic battle of the Pelennor Fields was filmed on private property and some film locations were filmed in extremely remote locations and are very difficult to access.

However  out of the 150 locations there are many official sites to visit. many site where you can look and see and experience the magic that is Middle Earth.

Sir Peter Jackson,  director and producer and film writer was born in a coastal town  in New Zealand  and made history with  JRR Tolkien The Lord of the Rings Trilogy,. Sir Peter Jackson is the very first person to direct 3 major epic feature films simultaneously. 

in 2002  he  received the Companion of the NZ Order of Merit and in April 2010 was Knighted and became a Knight Companion of the NZ order of Merit for service to the Arts.

Weather in New Zealand -

Summer is December until February and is moderate to hot 20 - 30 celsius light clothing can be worn during the day and maybe an additional piece of clothing at night.

Autumn/Fall  is March until May. Can be cool during the day but temperatures can go even cooler at night, and a warm piece of clothing might be needed.

Winter is June until August, where it can have snow in the South Island where it falls mostly in the Mountain areas such as the Central Plateau and snow can also fall on the North Island in the southern Alps and can last until October, Rain also on the North Island which means socks and sweaters and jeans and if you are going trekking or are heading towards the mountains take a warm sweater and thick gloves and thermal underwear!

Spring is September until November  where you will encounter unpredictable weather, could be cold or sunny.

New Zealand has a population of 4.4 million and tend to be down to earth and friendly, about 75% of the total population live on the North Island.  Making Auckland the largest city in New Zealand with a third of the total population living there. Only one third of residents live on the South Island.

During your trip to New Zealand, in and out of the dales and forests and mountains, you just might catch a glimpse of a Hobbit or a ..........

This is the land  Sir Peter Jackson  chose to film his epic movie The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and subsequently the following of The Hobbit. Movie sets were dismantled following the years it took to make the movie, the pre sequel beginning in 1998, however  materials were bought to stand the test of time and the film sets that were built for the filming of the Hobbit, this time were left and are the official film sets for tourists and visitors alike to feel just for a magic moment the beauty of Middle Earth and The Middle of Middle Earth!! 150 locations were used in the filming at a budget cost of  NZ $ 280 million. 

The fabulous Green Dragon Inn, offers a sumptuous beef and ale pie and other traditional foods, the Rest Cafe is situated at the entrance  where a light meal and coffee can be had,  the Bridge, the Mill and the Party Tree and of course Hobbiton would not be Hobbiton without Hobbit Holes.  The Green Dragon Inn and the Rest Cafe are both available for conferences and functions or anything else that involves large groups of get togethers.


10 acres of a 1,250 acre sheep farm, on New Zealand's North Island was used to be the birthplace of Hobbiton, with the spectacular views of  the Kaimai Ranges , in the far distance. The  region around Waikato and the town of Matamata  were used to portray the magical land of Middle Earth.

Wellington is called the Middle of Middle Earth, set on the North East coast of the North Island this is one of the Major Cities where little Hobbits can get lost! 

The Oscar winning Weta Workshop is here, and Weta Cave where a peep behind the scenes of some of the World's incredible movies can be seen and a place where impossible dreams are brought together by modern technology and traditional prop making and also a glimpse into the  amazing small museum.

Wellington's Kaitoke Regional Park was otherwise known as Rivendell with other locations around the Wellington area being Helms Deep and the Gardens of Isengard otherwise known as Harcourt Park.   Canterbury around Mount Sunday became the Misty Mountains and  Edoras, the Capital City of the Rohan people all had their own individual stunning beauty with beautiful fresh green  forests and dales and snow capped Mountains and it's own captivating air of Magic.

In Wellington City a diversion will bring you to the Wellington waterfront, the Museum of Wellington City and Sea, Kura Art Gallery and the NZ Academy of fine Art and the Page Blackie Gallery. Other diversions can include a tour of the Parlaiment Buildings and the Old St. Paul's 19th Century Gothic Revival Architecture made from native timber. Finding your way back  on to the Lord of the Ring's trail you will find, within walking distance of Wellington,  Mount Victoria where the beautiful forest areas became Hobbiton Woods used for hiding from the Black Riders! and the Hutt River became the River Anduin. 

 A small National Park named Putan girua Pinnacles, caused  by water erosion over countless  years formed these rather strange looking Pinnacles used the backdrop for the 'Roads of the Dead'.

 On the North Island again  is Tongariro National Park which was the location of Morder.  The park is surrounded by volcanic mountains, Ngauruhoe became Mount Doom . A one day 20 kms walk for the more adventurous leads to the saddle  that exists between the two Mountains.

​                                                              Moving On...........

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   The Lord of the Rings filming locations and the Home of Middle Earth

                                                              and the Home of Middle of Middle Earth

                                                                             and names you recognise and names you do not.

Discover the Beauty and Picturesque and Excitement

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                                                                                        Lord of the Rings amazing film locations.


Lord of the Rings / Harry Potter 

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​​​​​  You can choose to hire a mountain bike or hire a car or campervan

  or choose one of the many Lord of the Rings Tours and Packages from the        many that are available. Two of the many Tours available are below:


   This is a great site to check out different  packages and information                    concerning the Lord of the Ring's tours and packages.

 Also also has Lord of the Rings tours & Packages.

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In the  stunning and beautiful South Island, Queenstown is the Adventure Capital of New Zealand. Adventures and sports and hair raising activities outside and inside, it is also known as Middle Earth and many locations around Queenstown were used in the epic movie Lord of the Ring's.

Locations were used for Amon Hen and Isengard, the Wizards Vale, Ithillien and Lothlorien and The Hobbit

From the village of  Glenorchy at the north end of Lake Wakatipu ,

​the north western slopes of Mount Earnslaw can be seen. These slopes appeared in the opening sequence of the Two Towers.

Harry Potter Adventure Tours

A fantastic idea for the many millions of Harry Potter fans and their Families

visiting London.

There are a few companies that offer Harry Potter Adventure Tours, Muggle

Tours is one of them and specializes solely in Harry Potter Tours.

Tripadvisor 2012 awarded Muggle Tours a Certificate of Excellence plus a

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Tours with Guides that live the magic of Harry Potter, are approximately 2 hours

long and can be booked for a Tuesday or a Thursday or for the weekend, costing

12 English pounds and 10 for kids 11years and under.  Prices at April 2013

Private Tours are available, outside of hours and for groups of 5 people and over

for an extra 3 - 5 pounds for each individual.

Meeting place for the tour is London Bridge near the tube station.

A very few highlights of the Harry Potter Tour include the Entrance to the

Ministry of Magic plus visiting roads of old medieval London reminiscent

of Knockburn Alley.

          To start your Adventure visit: