The Carrington has a welcome about it, the magnificent memories of fun and laughter and opulence and characters of an era gone by, it is in it's rightful place, ' The Grand Old Lady of the Mountains' on top, majestic, overseeing the people, the plans, the changes, the old and the new and standing steadfast on the grounds of it's own Birthplace in the wonderous  Blue Mountains.

In 1877 Katoomba was named 'Crushers' in reference to the rock crushing operation taking place beside the railway line. Crushers was then just a mining town of little importance. 3 years later in 1880 construction began on the 'Carrington' in a place now renamed Katoomba. Also the Carrington was then named the Great Western and  it was not until 6 years later in 1886 the 'Grand Old Lady' of the Mountains became known as the Carrington Hotel, with permission from and in honour of the then NSW Governor, Lord Carrington.

Many changes including Owners have taken place over those many years from a Sydney Hotelier named Mr. Harry Rowell  who had the gift of foresight to build this beautiful piece of architecture. It was Mr. Rowell that gave the 'Grand Old Lady of the Mountains' it's first name, having in mind the name of the Western Star Hotel but only weeks after it's opening named it 'The Great Western'

From Mr Harry Rowell's death in 1885 and passing  'the Great Western' on to his wife  a year later it was sold to a Mr. F.C.Goyder from Queensland who was the man that changed the name of The Great Western to the Carrington.

In 1911, Sir James Joynton Smith purchased the Carrington and set about organizing extensive

renovations inside and out  and introducing many works of art, a stained glass facade, curved

stairs, tiled and columned verandah, Italianate balustrades all introduced in the year of 1913.

 at the same time Ming Vases were introduced from China, although not the Ming China of the

Dynasty that would have meant they were priceless. The Carrington In 1927 in honour of the

visiting Duke and Duchess of York,  added another wing of accommodation. Built also was the

minstrel's  gallery and the lead light dome in what is today known as the Cocktail Bar.

In 1943, Sir James died and the Joynton Smith Management Trust continued Management

until 1968, sold to a developer named Theo Moins and from there placed on the register of

the National Trust in 1978, and in 1985 was listed with the Australian Heritage Commission

as a building of both State and National significance.

Sadly in 1985 in the same year The Carrington was closed by the Licensing Court due to a

breach of the Fire Ordances and remained closed.............

until 1991 when the Carrington was purchased and restoration commenced until it was launched after 8 years once more in 1998. Restoration is still 

continuing on the garages and stables, the gardens and the powerhouse​, so now the building that once supplied electricity for the town has now made applications to become a brewery.

Scenic Skyway Scenic World

The Carrington

Katoomba NSW Aus.


                                View of Katoomba from Highway

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It is with puzzlement that before the railway bridge you see Katoomba for the first time. Looking across from the highway, past the lines and poles and structures of the railway line, an array of historical buildings, old shops , houses, offices, hotels and a variety not known to you until you actually walk around and discover the diversity that is contained in this Town and standing out, like a welcoming beacon, is a chimney. Not just any chimney but a chimney that belongs to a National Heritage huge, majestic piece of Architecture built in 1880. The chimney now is not used, but in it's heyday provided  power for the surrounding areas and for it's regal and very important guests.

Walking through the grounds from the High Street entrance in Katoomba there is an upward incline leading to the steps to the entrance.

If you happen to read the steel notices at the entrance you know you are welcome to go in and browse around at the beauty of this historical monument. If you can stay or if you have to go , it is with a feeling of satisfaction that you have said 'hello' to this 'Grand Old Lady of the Mountains' given the name of ' The Carrington '

The City of Sydney is only 74.6 kms ( 46.6 miles) from the bottom of the Blue Mountains and yet driving along the highway from the city and driving under the Russell Street Bridge there is an immediate feeling of something different, an air of anticipation yet comfort as you continue now onward and upward.

First coming to Blaxland and passing the Information Center which tells you it would not be there unless many people and tourists are in need of knowledge of the surrounding areas. What to see, what to do. winding your way past the townships of the Blue Mountains, still a feeling of comfort and fascination of the dwellings and shops selling various products and you realize the feelings you had driving under that old, steel Bridge, you had not imagined. 

On and slowly up more historical buildings are dotted here and there and 30 minutes later Katoomba. It is yet still very different driving along the road towards the Bridge on the left, that takes you over the railway line to the heart of this Ancient place. 

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Red Explorer Bus Katoomba

Paragon Cafe


Visit Scenic World

See the steepest

railway in the World.

Even better ride on

the steepest passenger railway in the World. A 52 degree incline. 

Ride on the Scenic Skyway and view the magnificent valleys 270 meters  (  885 feet )  below through the electro glass floor or if you so wish to sit down and with a solid floor to plant your feet there is that too, with a view of 360 degrees and a 720 meter (  2,362 feet ) journey.


      New Year's Eve Ball

              Lady Luck

                       The Roaring 20's

                                St. Patrick's Day

Winter Magic Ball



                       Winter of The West Festival

                        Wall Mural on Entrance to the Carrington

                        Photo by: Jaime 

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                                                 Six Tours to Choose From:

TCP Blue Mountains Good Food & Wine Tour

        ' a relaxing escape to sample some of the good food and wine being              offered in The Blue Mountains'

TCP Horse Riding with Wine Tasting Tour

        'rolling hills of farmland, across a shallow, slow flowing river as you               work your way to an award winning boutique winery'

TCP Garden Tour

         ' as you lose yourself in the tranquility of the historical beautiful                     Mount Wilson'

TCP Blue Mountains Art Studio Tour

        Exquisite paintings to colourful mosaics, glasswork and sculptures'

TCP Mountain Cycling tours

        'escape onto the famous Oak Fire Trail'

TCP Farmgate Tour

        'educational experience that gives an insight into how your food is                 sourced'



Waradah Aboriginal Centre has a fascinating and informative Gallery of  what life for the Aborigianal was like  from the time of the early settlers to the present time. Authentic Art and artefacts are there to view and live cultural traditional dance  performances are also given twice a day and should you so wish you can take part in an interactive didgeridoo performance. Genuine aboriginal souvenirs are available to

you from the local Darug and Gundungurra tribes.

Transport provided is in the form

of the Explorer double decker red

bus and Trolley Tours providing a

hop on and hop off service

sightseeing tours.

The shuttle bus operates between

Scenic World and Echo Point and Katoomba Railway station.

Local buses services operate throughout the Mountains until 5pm.

Both companies have offices adjacent to the Railway Station.

Red poles are provided along the routes so that passengers can hail the driver.

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Walking through the Town you discover the diversity of the food outlets, restaurants and cafes available to you throughout, old and new .................

Katoomba is the chief town of the 

                    City of The Blue Mountains.

Once upon a time.............


Echo Point Motor Inn

Echo Point Motor Inn, Katoomba

Wentworth Falls Lookout

Scenic World Map

Waterfall Blue Mountains

Scenic World Shopping Centre

The Echo Point Motor Inn situated in the perfect position within 2 minutes from the 3 Sisters and conveniently very near Scenic World where you can take a ride on the steepest passenger railway in the World or the Scenic Cableway with wheelchair access and a cabin large enough to hold 84 passengers in this largest and steepest aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere or take a trip on the Scenic skyway and through the glass floor view the beautiful awesome sight of the Jamison Valley 270 meters

(  885 feet  ) below.


The Echo Point Motor Inn is also within walking distance if you care to visit the shops and cafes and restaurants and coffee bars of the Town.

The Paragon of 65 Katoomba Street in Katoomba NSW Australia, is a Heritage listed, art deco Cafe, advertised as 'Australia's Oldest Cafe' and was established in 1916.

With a nostalgic atmosphere and original menus and candelbras and old music boxes and old signage and furniture it is a must visit for every tourist.

The Paragon holds Bohemian Events and live gypsy jazz and of course the chocolates are made by the Paragon and specially packaged for you to take with you a memory of the visit you took back in time.

Over 4 million tourists visit Katoomba a year.

Visit the Scenic Cableway, the steepest and largest  aerial cable car in the Southern Hemisphere.

The 545 meter (  1,788 feet  ) journey descends gently down into the Jamison Valley and then returns. The Cableway has a fully enclosed cabin and can hold up to 84 people and is wheelchair accessible.

All Photos on this page by Jaime

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Harp & Fiddle Irish Pub Katoomba 

The Old City Bank Katoomba

Scenic Outlook at The 3 Sisters

The 3 Sisters Blue Mountains

In this Mountain area of relaxation or excitement or both,  a very varied range of accommodation is available to you.

In the middle of the 'Hub' or secluded and nestled in the trees, with Mountain views or Valley views or surrounded by trees or tracks.              From top end prices to budget priced and also a range of accommodation providing accommodation with your pet. Hotels, Motor Inns, Old World Guest Houses Lavish 5 star Hotels, different ranges of Guest Houses including  Old Manor Guest Houses and Heritage listed Guesthouses and Eco Lodge are there to be booked.  Camping and Caravan Parks all available but during Festival and Christmas and New Year and Yulefest through Winter time be sure to book whichever type of accommodation you are looking for, early because with over 4 million tourists per year, accommodation fills very quickly and is usually quite impossible when left ..............................................

The Echo Point Motor Inn with it's beautiful location is amazingly in the budget type end due to the older style of the building, very lucky for many and a good chance to take the opportunity to not have to pay top price for this beautiful position and most unusual not to have to pay top dollar for one of the best positions in this       town.

Jason and his Staff are so helpful and friendly and make you feel comfortable instantly on arrival. Beds are very comfortable and for the staff nothing is too much for them. Extremely helpful.

A great place to stay when you are away from home and just want a friendly and comfortable place to stay! in the absolute best location.

15 - 47 Katoomba Street

Katoomba NSW 2780

        Phone: + 61 2 4782 1111

        Fax: + 61 2 4782 7033



Magic of the Mountains

                                                                                                                                    There are many places in Katoomba/Blue mountains and the surrounding areas,                                                                                                                             depending on what you are looking for but whatever you are looking for it is there                                                                                                                           waiting for you.


                                                                                                                     Abseiling, Rock Climbing, Caving, Horse riding, Canyoning, Cableway, Skyway,                                                                                                                                  Railway, Bush walking with a local guide exploring the wonderful trails and lookouts,                                                                                                                      Native Animals or the incredible Grand Canyon Walk or the beautiful gardens that                                                                                                                          are scattered around the Mountainside.

                                                                                                                     The 3 Sisters are natural sandstone rock formations  surrounded by the                                                                                                                                             overwhelmingly blue hue of the  millions of eucalyptus trees, a favourite of  the                                                                                                                               Koala.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


                                                                                                    On awakening to go down to the Three Sisters

                                                                                                    and watch the dawn break, the peace and the    

                                                                                                    magic that  comes from the magnificent ridges

                                                                                                    and rocks, leads the mind to think of all the        

                                                                                                    wildlife in front of you.


                                                                                                    The night animals, large and small going to rest

                                                                                                    after being awake all through the night and the                                                                                                                                                                                       day animals and insects  waking up for another

                                                                                                    day to explore and wander and find or not find 

                                                                                                    what they seek in this  beautiful wilderness.



Magic of the                  Mountains