Ferret Food:

Ferrets are meat eaters  and need a high amount of protein and fat. Ferrett food is becoming more and more available as the 'playful ones' become more and more popular. Choose a brand that has as an animal based protein, lamb or poultry,  as the  main ingredient ,  If grain is near the top of the list and not animal protein it is preferable to search for one that does have animal protein as the main ingredient. 

Small frequent meals are better for your Ferret/s and access to food all through the day and night.

Because Ferrets are mischievious little creatures it is probably better to have a solid weighted food bowl for them, so there is a limit to how much mess they can come up with!

Ferret treats are available at some Pet food stores, because they love a treat after playtime, or you can  make  little meat treats for them. 

Big Note:   TOXIC FOOD

For your Ferret to stay healthy and happy, make sure all Dog food and Cat food and Human food is kept right away from your little Pet.

​Also do not feed your Ferret anything sugary, such as Chocolate or Ice Cream.

Do not feed Milk

Do not feed Onions.

It is better to refrain from giving them vegetables or fruit, for such vegetables are difficult for your Ferret to digest.

No to Dairy products as well.

Just keep it simple with protein and good fats, and special ​approved Ferret treats from your Ferret shop, and don't forget the water.

         Kit's and Jill's and Hobs and a Business


 A Baby Ferret is named a 'Kit'

     A Female Ferret is known as a 'Jill'

              A Male Ferret is known as a 'Hob'

                       A Group of Ferrets is known as a 'Business'


                                     Strange but true!


                Pet  Ferrets

      Ferrets have

                       5 Main Colors

The CHOCOLATE Ferret is a light brown color.

The SILVERMITT has a 'white bib' on it's feet and on the


The SABLE is the most common of the Ferrets, and which actually appears a dark brown.

The BLACK - EYED WHITE has white fur and black eyes.

THE ALBINO has white fur with red eyes.

The WHITE FERRETS, because of the oil in their skin and still not de-sexed can often appear a gold or orange color.

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            Legal Requirements

Permits and licences may be required, depending on where you live.

A few instances include:

Carson City in Nevada. It is illegal to keep a Pet Ferret if you have a small child in your house. You would need to check what  the legal age of your child is before you allow a pet ferret in the Family.

In California you can only keep 1 pet Ferret that is male and has been neutered.

In Australia in the Northern Territory and Queensland it is illegal to keep a Ferret as a Pet.

In Canberra in the ACT you must obtain a license.

Every other State in Australia including N.S.W and South Australia and Victoria and Western Australia, yes, it is legal to keep a Ferret as a Pet.




     Living with Children


Because of their boundless energy and playfulness it is better to have constant supervision when your pet Ferret is around Children and/or other Animals. Your Ferret can get carried away sometimes and also not realize little nips can actually hurt children, on the other side of thing's, children  can pull and squeeze and drop the little Ferret so for safety, supervision is a must.

​Age of Children  when allowing them to be unsupervised could be 7 years of age or 10 year, could be older, depends on how responsible the child is, some are more so than others at a certain age.


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       Pet Ferrets


To make life easier for your Family it is preferable to obtain a cage to keep your Ferret/s. They will need plenty of air and  they like a floor covering so that they can burrow.

It is also important to have a very strong cage (with lots of fresh air) with narrow bars so that they cannot escape.

Keep in  mind when training that they are by nature meat eaters so it is natural for them to chase and catch any little rodents that cross their path. Patience and perseverance is required to train your Ferret but well worth the time and effort.

Remember also they are very energetic for the time they are awake, about 8 -10 hours a day, (sleeping the rest of the time)

They are energetic and playful and curious and have personality plus.

Training your Ferret to go to his bathroom in the kitty litter tray  needs consistency on your part, consistently re-enforce your Ferret to use his kitty litter as his bathroom not corners or small spaces as he will try to do. Re-enforce his training with words and little titbits of special Ferret treats.

Ferrets can lose interest in under 10 minutes, so short bursts of training is better than a long drawn out session. They will need to enjoy the training to keep them interested and get results.

Your pet will need to come to you on command, just like a cat or dog. Use treats. It is then just a matter of saying your Ferret's name and each time he does come give him a small special treat. Try this when he is near you and then gradually pull away until you are over the other side of the room and then around the corner and just reenforce he is a 'good' Ferret each time he comes to you.

Roll Over - This is normal for them but it is good to have your Pet to rollover on command.

PLace little Ferret on his/her back and then with treats in your hand, use that hand to go round in circles/circular motions around your Ferret's mouth, all the time repeating  'roll over' again and again until they roll over. Again repeat these actions over and over for a short time with treats each time. If you have these little training sessions a few times a week or as much as possible your pet will all of a sudden roll over on your command.  If you can be consistent all the time results then will be quicker. 

Sitting Up - Ferrets are so cute and sitting up can be even cuter! Just present your little Ferret treat in front of you and then as he/she move towards you just raise your treat slowly and keep repeating  'up'.  As previously stated this just needs patience and consistency and in no time you will be training your Ferret new tricks, funny tricks or unusual tricks  which will fascinate you.


          Mustelid Family

Ferrets belong to the Mustelid Family and are cousins of Weasels and Stoats and Otters. 

The Male Ferret is larger than the  Female Ferret.

Their lifespan is between 7 years and 12 years.

When buying Baby Ferrets, costs will be for vaccinations and de-sexing and the normal costs for care and health. Also you will need collars and leads and vitamins to help keep them healthy.

An older Ferret, if presented with that opportunity would probably be de-sexed already, a good idea to check that fact.

Ferrets  of the Albino  breed if not de-sexed and also depending on the oil in their skin can have their fur turn a gold or orange color.

        Living with Other Pets

As with Children, a supervised meeting is the safer way of introducing your Ferret to other fur members of your Family


It is not advisable to have a fish tank and a Ferret unless your fish tank is absolutely Ferret proof.


Holding your Ferret and someone holding your cat securely is a way of introduction and let them decide if they like each other. In case your Cat produces it's claws your Ferret must have a place to retreat to that your Cat cannot access so that your Ferret has a safe haven if necessary.  If they do decide to become friends, that is great, they have a playmate for each other.


Dogs can get upset depending on your Dog.

One breed that it is better not to live in the same house as your Ferret is the Terrier Breed. So many types of Terrier as well, however the Terrier is a hunting dog so never mix these two. Other dogs like their own space and their own food and water area, so your Ferret must be taught not to invade your Dog's domain, much safer that way. Ferrets are not territorial they just like to explore everywhere so your dog and your Ferret will decide if they like each other.

Lastly, because Ferret's naturally hunt for their food, having hamsters, rabbits, lizards and anything like a small piece of meat that runs IS NOT A GOOD IDEA!

Keep an abundance of toys to keep them occupied and happy. As with babies make sure toys are large enough for them not to choke on.