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           Top left: Whitewater Rafting

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           Bottom right: Bungee Jumping

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 Queenstown   NZ news/contacts on Adventure and Ttravel  in the Action Packed City of Queenstown in New Zealand


Bungee Jumping

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Whitewater Rafting

 Queenstown New Zealand, is set on the edge of the giant Lake Wakatipu in the Otago region in the southwest of New Zealand's South Island. Birthplace of the super charged Bungy Jump in November 1988 pioneered by World Adventurer A.J.Hackett.​


Activities range from the adrenalin pumping to the more gentle.  Queenstown has an incredible array of sky, land and water Adventures, so many and not only outside, fun filled laughter can be found inside as well, such as Cookie time for you know who!, Q. Paintball, Fear Factory -scary - haunted, Odyssey Sensory Maze, Vortex Camera and Darkride NZ and many, many more.

A.J.Hackett pioneered the very first commercial Bungy Jump in November 1988 from the Kawarau Bridge. It is 141 feet (43 meters) high. Establishing himself as a World leader he now has an array of awe inspiring, breathtaking Adventures. Including his 'first born'.  A.J.Hackett owns 4 commercial Bungy Jumps, the Nevis Highwire Bungy which is 440 feet (143 meters) and is one of the highest Bungy Jumps in the World.

Other A.J.Hackett Adventures is the Lodge Bungee and the Auckland Bridge Bungy , also the Lodge Swing and the World's Biggest Swing - The Nevis Swing with a  984  feet (300 meter)  Arc and  524  feet (160  meters) above the river. The rope length which is longer than a rugby field at  393   feet (120 meters) in length. 

Awarded Certificate of Excellence and ranked by Tripadvisor as Number 5 of 165 activities in Queenstown.

The Shotover Jet has operated since 1970 and it's Company, the only Company permitted to run their business within the incredible and famous Shotover River Canyons. This custom designed, maximum strength and speed Jetboat is near Central Queenstown,  only a 10 minutes drive. road accessed by a 4WD and cable car ready to take you on a journey you will never forget among the majestic and spectacular boulders of the Shotover River Canyons.

​For a slower pace take a trip on the vintage Steamship TSS Earnshaw to Walter Peak or a 4WD in the pristine back country or take a journey on an onfixed wing flight Helicopter to Milford Sound and view the magnificent glaciers and mountains. Gondola rides can be embarked upon to travel to Bob's Peak and view the incredible views of lake and mountain.

There are 90 minute climbs over Auckland Harbor Bridge to check out the beautiful surrounding views of Auckland. 

At the end of your fun filled crazy days relax in one of the many 5 star Hotels or a self contained apartment or Budget Lodge or Bed and Breakfast. Beautiful, top class accommodation is provided in a number of out of the way areas close to Queenstown or close to the centre or right in the centre of Queenstown. Relaxation can be found at the many Restaurants and bars and of course nightclubs should you so wish. You can relax on the comfortable lounges, get cosy in front of the huge warm fireplaces and enjoy a favourite cocktail or beverages of your choice.

Transport is catered for as well, in abundance. Queenstown International Airport is 12 kilometers ( 7.8 miles  ) away from Queenstown and is located at Frankton, Otago New Zealand City Center. taxis, buses, shuttle services and car hire are all available there for you.

​Weather is moderate in mid January  at between 15 - 29 degrees .

Only a snippet of the fun filled and action packed area called Queenstown, a place of choices, of extremes if you wish, of laughter and fun where evenings can be as lively as your days.

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Sources:    The Station - Cnr Camp & Shotover Sts. - info @ Queenstown - The Bungy Centre (nz)




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Birthplace of the 

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Sky Diving

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Visits to:

Sheep Farm


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Home of the Movie:


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​standard Golf Resort , 

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