Fingernails grow 2 or 3 times faster than your toenails at 1/8 inch per month.

 Shortage of Vitamin A causes nails to become dry and brittle.

​ Shortage of Vitamin B causes your nails to become fragile and can produce  the appearance of          horizontal or vertical ridges on your nails.

Vitamin C , folic acid and protein can produce hangnails.

Iron deficiency can produce dry, brittle, thinning and flattening of

                                       your nails eventually leading to nails that have a moon shaped appearance.

Zinc deficiency can cause white spots appearing on your nails.

Boil together celery leaves and lemon

juice, as much as you need, Do not

overdo the lemon juice though. to see

results in a matter of weeks, shampoo

your hair then apply the boiled celery

leaves and lemon juice to your scalp

and lightly  massage in.

This makes the hair grow faster.


An egg is filled with essential B vitamins

and quality protein along with fatty acids, iron and zinc. All this in one egg goes towards a very healthy head of hair.

Rosemary water has silicon in it that can prevent hair loss. Wash your hair then apply the Rosemary water, which contains substances that stimulate hair follicles and massage lightly into your scalp.

If you do not have any Lavender Oil, just stimulating your hair follicles by massaging your scalp helps enormously towards the health and beauty of your hair.

Iron deficiency can cause discoloration of the hair,

hair fall, dry hair and abnormal hair growth rate.

Eating foods loaded with this nutrient works wonders.

Foods such as prunes - red meats - green vegetables.

Healthy, Beautiful, Thicker, Shiny and Faster Growing Hair. 

              Essential Nutrients needed for great hair. You can run out and buy products which can be faster OR try these items below which might take a little longer but work from the inside out.

Keeping in mind also that these nutrients are also beneficial for other areas of your health as well.

Note: Good  blood circulation  overall allows your hair to absorb all the nutrients it needs to grow, so increasing blood flow and circulation would be a good start.

     Super Hair & Nails 

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During that time try consuming more essentials fatty acids,

 to get rid of brittle and flaking nails, these can be found in flaxseed oil or just plain  flaxseeds (brown linseed) these seeds can be sprinkled over salads or yoghurt or cereal or you can take 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil per day.

Primrose oil contains also essential fatty acids and 1,000 milligrams of this oil can be taken 3 times per day. Don't forget these oils are extremely beneficial for other areas of your body.

Another tip if you like tea to make your nails grow and be healthy is by drinking a cup of horsetail tea or nettle tea once a day, the reason being that these teas are very high in silica and other herbs that are seriously beneficial to the growth of your nails.

   Improvements can be gained by:

          Biotin a B Vitamin can be used to make them stronger and thicker by taking 300 micrograms 4 to 6 times a day.        A lot!

                                Even taking this much you will not see a substantial improvement until about 6 months time.


Eating fish  as you probably know also stimulates hair growth and hair health, this is because it contains essential fatty acids and lots of proteins.

As well as fish eat shrimps, which are packed with iron and zinc and protein, which in turn prevents hair loss and helps hair grow.

Stimulating the hair follicles by massaging Lavender Oil into your scalp results in a healthy head of hair and enables the hair to grow faster.

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