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                               Heartburn Superfoods

The effects of Heartburn and Indigestion are distinctly uncomfortable and can lower your spirits considerably.

By being aware of the foods you are eating and the foods that affect you can make a world of difference to the quality of your lifestyle.

It is possible that these symptoms of Heartburn or Indigestion can be related to a different and more serious problem in which case a visit to the doctor should not be delayed. However if you eliminate the foods that bring on these terrible attacks it would result in a much more enjoyable lifestyle.

Different and/or combined foods can trigger an attack by stomach acid leaking into  the esophagus. Normally a band of muscles at the end of your esophagus keeps stomach acid where it is supposed to be, but if these band of muscles loosen and relax enough, the stomach acid can seep through resulting in Heartburn and Indigestion.


By taking stock of which food triggers your heartburn and indigestion symptoms you can have a much more relaxed lifestyle free of symptoms, it can be a couple of foods or even more but you will soon know what foods trigger these attacks.


Spicy Foods

Citrus foods such as:   Tomatoes





Soft Drinks

Tea and Coffee

Garlic and Raw Onions

Fried and fatty foods

 Thing's you can do to make your life easier include:

Eating more frequent but smaller meals

Drink adequate amounts of fluids and eat high fibre foods to keep your toilet regular,

Include foods high in fibre to clean your body of waste, such foods as oatmeal.

Do not eat just prior to bedtime  but you could include a cup of chamomile tea to relax you.

 For every food you need to eliminate you can discover something new you can eat, something you have never tried before.

Depending on how adventurous you are, and  how willing you are to try new foods, there is a wealth of new and wonderful foods to brighten your taste buds and be kind to your body at the same time!


                                Anti-Aging  -  Free Radicals

Free Radicals are harmful substances that result from oxidation and are a natural occurrence in the body. the faster the amount of free radicals are produced in the body the faster the cells degenerate and attack the body, because the free radicals cannot tell the difference between the bad cells and the good cells.

Anti-oxidents  can help with reducing these free radicals and can be found in:

Minerals:               Selenium and Manganese - found in:

                                Nuts and Whole grains and seafood and lean meat.

Beta-Carotene:     is found in red, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables.

Flavenoids:            are found in tea and coffee and berries.

Resveretrol:           this is found in dark skinned grapes and red wine.

Phytoestrogens:    are found in soya beans and peanuts.

Vitamin A                obtained from carotene and is found in:

                                 Egg yolks - butter - cream and saltwater fish.

Vitamin C                ( Ascorbic Acid ) obtained from                                                                                              Citrus fruits, blackcurrants and broccoli and raw cabbage.

Vitamin E                 Found in:

                                  Whole grains, nuts,  green leafy vegetables and fish oil.

Vitamin A1 known as Retinol is the most important vitamin to keep the skin glowing and looking fresh. It is found in butter - cream - egg yolks (as above) and different fruits and helps with the production of collagen and repairs to the skin, therefore making an important contribution to the anti-aging process.

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 Here comes SuperBrain!  

                             Superfoods for your Brain

Improve your Brain Function  - 

BLUEBERRIES are wonder berries. Eat as many as possible.

Research into these berries found that not only are Blueberries good for your eyes but an eating plan rich in these wonder berries helps your brain to ward off stress and dementia and alzheimer's.

Research also found that Blueberries helped to improve your learning capacity and also helped to improve your motor skills and

your brain function.

There are many ways to incorporate Blueberries into your eating plans, depending on what you are allowing yourself to eat.

With cakes and muffins there can be Blueberries or Blueberry crumble.  You can sprinkle  sliced almonds or any nuts of your choice on top. You can also make Blueberry and Strawberry milk shake!.


NUTS and SEEDS, such as almonds and cashews and peanuts and sunflower and sesame seeds provide Vitamin E  to your brain, helping you to  ward off declining cognitive functions.

Nuts and Seeds can be added to almost anything. In stir fries, salads, casseroles, stuffings for chicken and fowl, for Deserts, crushed and sprinkled,  on anything you wish depending on your own allowance of sugar. Or just plain by themselves. 

​                                    ------------------------------

DARK CHOCOLATE in definite moderation helps to improve your mood through the Brain's production of endorphins. Dark Chocolate also helps your focus and concentration by containing Natural stimulants and contains also very powerful antioxidents.


Omega-3 essential fatty acids are a must for healthy brain function and can be found in FISH. A good choice is Salmon where Omega-3 essential fatty acids can be found in abundance.


Blood Flow to the BRAIN that is healthy, ensures the Brain receives excellent oxygen and nutrient delivery ensuring a reduction in the risk of cardiac disease.

The complex carbohydrates such as wholegrain breads and brown rice enhances Brain function in that it supplies the Brain with an ongoing supply of glucose needed to enhance your Brain function.

Healthy blood flow can , which also can be supplied by freshly brewed black tea promotes healthy blood flow. This, like the dark chocolate must be in moderation because it contains caffeine.

AVOCADOES is another fruit that helps the Brain by helping to contribute to healthy blood flow and decreasing blood sugar .              It can  lessen the chances of hypertension, which can sometimes lead to a stroke.


Just some different foods to keep your brain healthy.




Smiling Younger looking Lady

             Superfoods for Super Skin

Especially for skin,  our body's biggest organ.

Foods to avoid are processed and refined sugars. These foods can cause inflammation and can lead to skin  eruptions.

On the other hand there are many foods that support the health of skin and help with the anti - aging process.

VITAMIN A is one of the most important components needed for healthy skin. This can be obtained from the low fat dairy products such as low- fat yoghurt and as well as being high in Vitamin A low - fat yoghurt also contains acidophilus a 'live bacteria' that is very beneficial for the health of the intestines.

Other good sources of Vitamin A are contained in foods such as:

Leafy Vegetables

Cod Liver Oil


Sweet Potatoes

As well as Vitamin A, foods rich in Anti-Oxidents - Essential Fatty Acids and Healthy Oils and Selenium  keep your skin glowing and healthy and young.

ANTI - OXIDENTS can be obtained from foods such as:

Blueberries  (Blueberries must be one of the King's of Superfoods with benefits in nearly every area needed for a healthy body including very beneficial for your eyes ]


Pinto Beans





These foods contain the anti-oxidents and  phytochemicals that are needed to protect your skin cells and guards against premature aging of the skin.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS are contained in the following food sources:

Flax Seed  (good one)


Canola Oil


Essential Fatty Acids ( EFA's ) also keep cell membranes healthy and helps the passing through of vitamins.

HEALTHY OILS also contain essential fatty acids needing only 2 tablespoons of healthy oil per day and can be found in the following"

Cold pressed Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Oil

Oils make you feel healthier by keeping the skin lubricated and supple.

 An ANTI INFLAMMATORY source can be found in:

GREEN TEA has anti inflammatory properties which can counteract eruptions resulting from too many refined and processed foods. GREEN TEA protects the membranes of the cells.

WATER plays a very important part where your skin is concerned and on your overall health keeping you healthy and happy and younger looking in conjunction with the above sources of Vitamin A - Anti-oxidents - Anti inflammatories and Essential Fatty acids ( EFA's ) 

One more additional source of to keep your skin healthy is Selenium which can be obtained from Tuna fish and nuts such as Brazil nuts.

                                                         To a Younger Looking You!


Superbones can be a matter of what food to avoid eating. Certain foods can lead to your pH level in your blood to become very acidic.  Your body needs to then balance your pH levels again and to bring them to a healthy level. Your body does this by using as

much calcium and magnesium in your body and to release this in your bloodstream which results in bringing your pH levels back to normal.

However you much have an adequate supply of calcium and magnesium within your body to be called on to make any repairs are necessary.

Two steps are needed and the first one is to try to avoid your pH levels becoming unbalanced. this unbalance can result from consuming too many sugary and refined products such as:


Sugary snacks, biscuits and cookies.

Soft Drinks

Candies and Sweets

High fructose Corn Syrup

White and refined sugar.

Foods that contain Sweeteners


Foods that contains any refined carbohydrates

Not only can these foods lead to the possiblity of your bone mass breaking down leading to osteoporosis but also by having acidic blood pass through you kidney on their way to being passed out through the urine, the acidity can lead to kidney stones.

No 2 is making sure your food program includes plenty of the following, to keep you healthy and fit.

To keep your pH levels to a normal balance you can get a good supply of Superfoods around you.

​Supplements of Calcium and Manganese can also be extremely helpful.


​Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

including Kelp and Seaweed






All Alkaline Vegetables/Foods

                                               Happy Bones!!!!

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