During April and November, peak season, The Ghan accommodates about 60,000 travellers and can make The 

    Ghan  over 700 meters ( 2,296 feet  ) in length. The Ghan itself is almost noiseless.

    Top class service is supplied everywhere and every requirement is catered for if at all possible. Here are but a few:

*  Special dietery needs are catered for if at all possible, just inform them when booking or at least before your  

     journey begins.

* Concession fares are available.

*  An Activities Desk is provided with massive amounts of information, of course, should you wish to enquire about

    anything during your trip such as the Whistlestop Tours provided at Alice Springs and Katherine, meaning you can

    hop on and hop off at various points if you wish. fly in a Helicopter over the Simpson Gap just outside Alice Springs 

    or treat yourself even more with a Champagne cruise down the Katherine River or take a canoe ride. Fares are  

    available from Adelaide to Alice Springs and/or Katherine to Darwin should you wish to explore the Desert  Lands

     and stay overnight/s and resume your trip on The Ghan later.

*  You can of course take your car, for additional cost, but it can provide you with the transport at the other end in

    Darwin, to explore what the 'top End' has to offer, such as the beautiful Kakadu Park. Adventure lies within!

* Splendid produce from all over Australia is provided throughout your journey, quality and freshness are at their


* Darwin's temperature averages 33C and Adelaide, your starting point averages 19C.

* Please note: Once your luggage is checked in it cannot be accessed during your journey.

* Please note also the maximum weight limit for your luggage is 40 kg ( 6 stone 4 ibs ) and any additional weight over        that requires an extra charge.

Accommodation: Many levels of accommodation is provided, from the World Class Carriages and rooms with complete privacy and top class Restaurant and is very impressive.

Other rooms have on call stewards, DVD's well stocked bar fridges and own lounge and chairs, own ensuites and shower and toilet facilities.

 Other packages offer nighter seats with plenty of leg space and a blanket and pillow supplied and access to snacks and meals and alcohol and soft drinks.

​Of course air conditioning.

​Staff are personable and friendly , extremely efficient and are very happy to make your adventure as complete as possible, a journey on the legendary Ghan an Adventure you will never forget!

                The Name and the Explorer

The Ghan was renamed in honor of the Afghan Cameleers that trekked across this vast land many, many years ago.   

The Ghan's emblem is an Afghan on a Camel in recognition of the Cameleers.

In 1878 the railway line began in Port Augusta in South Australia, and on Sunday 4th August 1929, 51 years later, crowds 

gathered at the main railway Station in South Australia until farewell at last, time to depart, following the same route as 

the famous Explorer McDouall Stuart.

Carrying, on it's maiden journey, a 100 passengers and supplies, it was bound, in all it's excitement to the remote town 

of Stuart ( after the famous Explorer ) later to be renamed Alice Springs.

The train was steam hauled. Of course it was always intended to travel to the tropical land of Darwin in the Northern 

Territory, however the completion of the rail link between Alice Springs and Darwin waited many, many years and it was 

not until 2004 that The Ghan made its inaugural journey to the tropical City of Darwin, Capital of the Northern Territory.  

So completing its journey from South to North as first intended and as the visionaries had always intended 

a 100 years ago.

This spectacular journey takes 2 nights and 3 days, a total of 2,979 kilometers ( 1,497   miles)

I travel at an average speed of 85 kms ( 52 mph) although sometimes I go 115 kms (  71 mph) I lead an incredible life of travel, of adventure and I have given smiles and laughter to thousands of Humans during their adventures through the desert land of Australia. And may I say that many have observed that my transcontinental journey from the South to the North of Australia is 'One of the World's most amazing Train Journeys'.

The whisper of Katherine Gorge as I pass by, the sand showing off with it's rich red hue growing even more richer as I travel

deeper into the desert lands. The most beautiful changes of light that I see, from the most amazing sunsets, the stars and

moon and the oh so brilliant sunrises that must be seen.

What is it like crossing the desert? Red and hot, for me, that is, and I would be nowhere else. Magnificent scenery flashes by 

and introduces you to the sights of a land so few white Humans see, a land so far from the sea.

​I have travelled with such an array of different Humans, with most travelling incredible distances to be with me, from the

backpackers that truly live the land to the Humans that have needed a gentle hand to travel with me for that one

unforgettable journey.


Magnificent scenery flashes by and  

      introduces you to sights of a land 

             so far from the sea. A desert where

                    camels still stride over the dunes.

The Ghan


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          John McDouall Stuart - Explorer

became one of the most respected and famous Australian Explorers, never having lost a man, he completed 6 major Expeditions and  in 1862 became the first 'white Man' to cross the vast Desert land from South Australia to the North Coast of Darwin in the Northern Territory, and the Indian Ocean.

This was his 3rd attempt, his first attempt he was forced to turn back in the Centre of Australia now known as Alice Springs, but then John McDouall Stuart christened it Stuart a 'hill' in the middle of the desert, now a very famous 'hill'. 

In his honor the main route from Port Augusta to Darwin is named the Stuart Highway.

Completed in 1872 the Overland Telegraph follows closely the route taken by John McDouall Stuart.

This famous Explorer died on June 5th 1866 aged 55 years. 

He was a slight Man and was supposed to have not weighed more than 9 stone ( 60 kilos  )

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The largest

population of

feral camels can be

found here, and are the

only feral herds of their kind found in the World. Travelling into the vast Australian Desert, one might catch glimpses of these wonderful creatures. They can be found from South to Western Australia and the Northern Territory and have even been reported as being seen in Queensland and Northern NSW. Introduction to Australia came between 1840 and 1907.

Dingoes have roamed this vast land for thousands of years. This wild dog of Australia, that is more likely to howl rather than bark is also known as the Warrigal.

Descended from escaped or lost horses from long ago are the Wild Horses that can be found roaming in the outback. These free and wild horses are called Brumbies and can be found  in Queensland but mainly in the Northern Territory, otherwise known as the 'Top End'. And of course the Kangaroos both large and small that cover large distances in a very short time, if they want to!

With these Creatures of the Desert, I am part of this great land and proud to be so. 

                                     I Am The Ghan - The Legendary Ghan  


             The Ghan


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